Wine Review: Crios Rosé of Malbec

I think my quest for the perfect Summer wine has ended. Well, ended for this Summer anyway. My all time favorite pink is Crios, Rosé of Malbec. It is under $15 and so totally good, even your staunchest red wine drinking friends will love it. This wine is strawberry and cherry goodness. A dry wine with lots and lots of flavor….almost unheard of in a pink wine. Served very cold it stood up to the T-bone steaks we grilled. And the grilled corn, and the Caprese salad, and the bread. It is also stand alone good. You can serve this flavorful, full bodied pink as a sitting on the veranda with friends sipping wine or with any food you care to dish out on a summer evening. Chicken, pork, beef, grilled veggies. I’m not kidding, it goes very well with……..Summer!

This Argentinian wine is from the Susan Balbo Winery. I could not fine a website for the winery, however, lots has been written about this wine and other wines from the Susan Balbo wineries.
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