You made it! Welcome to Kansas City Gravy Company. I hope you like the new place. I tried not to make too many changes. Too many changes are just not that good for some of us (me). Same good food, same good company.

I had a busy couple of months. I was lucky enough to attend the book signing by The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Her new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, is delightful. It was gift worthy.

Thanksgiving dinner was at the Gravy Company. We had twenty five people for dinner and four overnight guests for the week. Lots of out of towners and a lot of mashed potatoes were served!!!

The following week we had the party for Mr. Wii’s engineering department. I served Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Pork and Potato Stew, and Baked Potato Soup. Appetizers included Potato Skins and Stuffed Mushrooms. Do you detect a theme? We had a great time visiting and playing games. All of the guests brought donations for the local food pantry where I volunteer. I had a full VW Bug the following Monday! Mr. Wii has a great bunch working with him.

Christmas Eve greeted us with about a foot of snow on top of about an inch of sleet and ice. It snarled traveling plans for many folks. We were still able to have Christmas Eve with the fam, but Christmas day proved a bit dangerous for us. On our way over to see the kids, a flat tire and getting stuck in drifted snow had Bassman (the son-in-law) coming to the rescue. He and Mr. Wii had to change a flat tire in a blizzard. High winds, blowing snow, very low temps. I think they did it in record time! During the tire changing, the oldest grandson took the snow shovel and helped a couple of folks who were also stuck in a drift. Not a good day for getting around. We decided to turn around and just go back home. We spent the night in a cozy, warm house and watched it storm.

The New Year is here, bringing in a spirit of hopefulness. I am hopeful for a stronger economy and more jobs. I am hopeful for less war and terrorism. I am hopeful for continued good health.

Come back and visit often. I will be posting new recipes, restaurant reviews, and a few comments about what is going on in my neck of the woods. I just might be able to get a guest writer to appear once in a while. I appreciate your comments and emails, keep them coming in. Here’s to a year of good food, Nella

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