The Kansas City City Market-Spring Version

It was a dark and stormy morning…….but who cares!  Let it rain.  After the record breaking winter we just had, a little rain was not stopping me from doing anything.  We were going to go to The City Market. 

I love The Market. Each visit is different. Each season is different. Different musicians playing for tips, different items for sale than last year or even last season.  What remains the same is the diversity of the people.  The people of the Midwest.  The melting pot of the United States.  Lots of people I have talked to, over the years, think Kansas City is not diverse.  I always smile and get to tell them of our communites of just about every ethnicity, our Jazz and Blues culture, our love of sports.  I tell them about Ford and GM and American Century and Sprint and Hallmark. We have diversity in many areas. The best part of this diversity…the food. 

The Market had a delightful vendor, who stood in the rain along with the rest of us, and offered help on raising tomatoes.  How to plant, how to grow, how to water, and what kinds to plant. He answered questions from anyone who had them.  A passionate grower of all things green, using natural and organic methods.  You know, the same methods the grandparents of my generation used. 

The street musicians were trying to stay dry, playing for the wet dollar bills in their tip cans. Children were running around in the rain, jumping in puddles with joyous looks on their faces.  It was not a dreary place.  It was full of the life of Spring. 

At one stall, selling the most beautiful flowers, a baby was sitting in her carrier, crying.  Her face was scrunched up in what would be an ugly cry on an adult.  But, on a baby, that kind of cry was too cute to pass up.  She was just bored and wanted the world to  hear her.  Her momma was selling flowers and had her hands full.  I asked permission to take a picture of the baby amidst the flowers.  As soon as I got my camera out, she stopped crying!  I was talking to her and she was listening.  A lady stopped and said, “Look, the baby stopped crying when she was getting her picture taken!”.  I looked at Mr. Wii, and he looked at me…..I am the baby whisperer, and have been for many years.  The baby knew who was taking her picture!

People watching was the best.  We sat at Winslow’s and ate a leisurely lunch on the veranda.  The Market was our entertainment.  There were the people who did not want to get wet and there were the people who didn’t really care if they got wet.  The hard core marketers pulled their rolling baskets behind them, loaded with herb seedlings, Mennonite baked goods, and fresh produce for the week.  There were some first timers who walked and looked at some of the stalls. Unsure of it all, they left empty handed.  I hope they come back again when the bounty of Summer shows up. 

I love Kansas City.  Nella

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  1. muddywaters says:

    I've been to The Market for a couple of concerts, but I've never been there when vendors are present. We'll need to make this trip some Saturday morning.

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