The First Day of Spring and Midwestern Weather

We Midwesterners love our weather.  We love good food too. We  love to talk about our weather because it is extreme. We love to talk about our food because it is extremely good. This morning, the first day of Spring, it was  32 degrees when I got up.  It snowed over night.  And, it has snowed all day.  This is not only extreme, it is unusual.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees.

The birds, bunnies, and squirrels are looking for food.  Winter was harsh this year.  Since before Christmas, we have had snow, ice, blizzards, more snow, and ice accompanied by sleet.  The rains finally came to clean things up and now…more snow. Mr. Wii keeps the bird feeders filled on a daily basis.  I have been launching “iffy” fruits and vegetables out to the creek from the veranda. And, I have been reduced to tossing dried corn out to the walnut tree to feed the brazen squirrel who kept climbing up to the veranda to find food. 

My sister has named him Hansel.  And yes, I have discovered he has a Gretal. I am not prone to feeding rodents, but Hansel is different.  He has kept the messy walnuts picked up for the six years we have lived in this house.  Black walnuts are very messy when they fall.  Black husks that surround the walnut shell are inky black and leave stains on anything they touch. Hansel keeps them picked up and then buries them in my flower beds, flower pots, and over by the creek.  So, he is to be fed by me, until Spring brings tender plants and roots for him to eat and  allows him to find the missed hidden walnuts.  I don’t have a problem with that.

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