The Blues, Kansas City Style

The music kind of blues, not the other kind of blues.  I got a full dose of the blues last weekend.  A nationally acclaimed, local blues band named Levee Town played at an outdoor party we attended.  A majority of the close to one hundred attending, were already familiar with the band.  Mr. Wii and I were in the minority, along with a three year old, two cats, and a pen pal from France, who had never heard the band play before.

The typically Midwest weather was cooperative for the evening.  In fact, well matched.  It started out very steamy then cooled off a bit to rather sultry and comfortable.  That is exactly how I felt about the music.  These guys can make music!  And make music, they did.

The venue was at the Kansas farm of my dear friend, Champagne Girl.  She is very good friends with the band members and I wouldn’t be wrong to say she is their biggest fan.  A flatbed trailer made the stage, the side of the barn provided the backdrop, tiki lights set the mood, and the lightning bugs competed with a sky full of stars.  Did I say it was a perfect night?  It really was.

The guys sang and played their hearts out until midnight.  The music was…..delicious.  What did you expect, I’m a foodie.  The guitar player, Brandon, was on par with John Mayer and, my secret love, Eric Clapton.  He was that good.  Combined with bass player Jacque, Jan the drummer, and Jimmie the harmonica player, their sound was refreshing, original, and just plain good.  Their experience showed.  During the evening we were also lucky to be entertained by a few friends who joined in the music making, Penelope, Taz, and Sue.  What a treat that was.

Levee Town plays in many of the blues clubs here in the Kansas City area.  They also play at quite a few locations in the Midwest.  Check out their website, Levee Town, for dates and locations. 

I love the Midwest!

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2 Responses to The Blues, Kansas City Style

  1. Ingrid says:

    Sounds like a perfect summer evening, good music, good food,and good friends! I'm planning on my 4th being like that!

    Long time no talk to….hope all has been well with you, the family,and your in-laws!

  2. muddywaters says:

    It looks like he had a lovely evening. I love catching some live music outdoors. I sometimes visit a venue in North KC called Knucklehead's. A lot of blues artist visit there. I'm sure Levee Town plays there frequently. I'll need to check them out.

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