Summer is officially here and I am back….

summer dinner2

Hello food lovers! I am back from my little time out. The parents are doing exceptionally well and Mr. Gravy and I are getting back into our routines. He joined me in “retirement” last year, so the last year has been getting to know each other 24/7. We have discovered our own spaces in the house and our own little jobs. It’s almost like we are just now moving in with each other after a 42 year courtship. So far, so good.  This is what we have been looking forward to for a long time. I love it and so does he. As it should be.

Back to Summer. We welcomed the Summer Solstice with a tasty new wine. Actually, new to us. I was initially going to review two wines today: Kendall Jackson’s Summation Red and Summation White. My camera stopped working and I couldn’t access the white wine pictures. Since the red wine pictures were taken on my new iPhone, I had pretty good pictures to choose from. The camera is item number three to shoot craps.  Don’t things break in three’s?  I think they do. My stove/oven broke…it was fixed after two visits by the totally great repair man. My iPhone finally died in my hands and I had it replaced with a more current version in less than one hour.  Now, the camera….yet to be determined. It could be the charger or the battery pack or the camera itself.  We shall see.  Stay tuned for the Summation White review when the camera is fixed or when I buy another bottle of the white. (It will be the latter, I’m sure)

Back to Summer. It was a hot and humid evening and we had a couple of shows we had DVR’d to watch. So, Simple Summer Supper it was. Earlier, I was telling my sister about the Summation White wine I had discovered and she began to laugh.  She then told me about the Summation Red she had discovered. Can you hear the song “Sisters, Sisters” in the background? I grabbed a bottle of the red that afternoon.

summer dinner

We fixed our little supper of prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe, sliced salamis, sliced cheeses, pickled asparagus, pickles, Multi-Bean Salad, and bread sticks. Two glasses of Summation Red were added and we had Simple Summer Supper! We went downstairs, fired up the big screen, dished up our plates and settled into the cooler lower level of the house to watch a few episodes North America and Alaska the Last Frontier on the Discovery Channel.

summation red

The Summation red is a blend of red wines. You can detect a familiar taste of a specific red once in a while. Was it merlot?  Was it cab? Or was it zin? Hard for me to say. This wine is the perfect pairing with Summer fare: spicy salami, salty olives, barbeque and Nacho Cheese Doritos.(No wine snob here) It goes well with the yummy treats of Summer or perfectly good just to sip while sitting on the veranda. I did like it with just barely a chill on it. Not as chilled as a crisp white wine, but not room temp either. I liked it cool. I think you will too. It was priced between 10 and 15 dollars. I got it on sale…score.



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