A Sparkler for New Year’s…


Just in time for New Year’s Eve night or New Year’s Day brunch or just a nice little something special, a sparkling wine from France. Cafe de Paris Sparkling Wine. It comes in two flavors: Pomegranate and Pear. Both are delicious. You know, since it is NOT from the Champagne region in France, it CANNOT be called Champagne. However, we call it champagne here at the Gravy Company. (did you notice the lower case C?) It’s all champagne to me!

The Gravy Guy, assorted neighbors, and I attend the monthly wine tasting at our local Hy- Vee. It is a wonderful thing. This was one of the sparklers we tried. Hello lover! I have a new favorite bubbly. This could, and I’m not saying it would, replace a Mimosa on any given Sunday brunch. It is also served regularly at The Little Cabin in the Woods.

cabin-champagneI especially love the fish stopper. Only the best at The Little Cabin in the Woods.

It is a sweet sparkler, but not cloyingly sweet. I love that word and have read the word more than I have ever used it. Cloying….cloyingly……great words! Everyone loves this little bottle of bubbles. Perfect, even for the grandmas, great aunties, and those who do not drink wine. <gasp>

The touch of pomegranate or the touch of pear lends itself well to offset the sweetness. Serve it well chilled. The best part…it is in the ten dollar range.  The alcohol content is 10%. The bottle is quite pretty and it would make a great host/hostess gift. Cheers!

pear-sparkling-wineThis is a picture of the Pear flavor. It is so good!

From the Gravy Guy and I, have a safe and Happy New Year!


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