Something to do in the Midwest on Valentine’s weekend

Here it is mid-February and half the nation is covered in snow.  What were we thinking back in 1972?  Getting married on Valentine’s weekend.  Do you know how hard it is to book a room…at a hotel…with a spa…this time of the year?  I’ll tell you, it’s not easy.  Mr. Wii succeeded. 

We decided to take a little road trip down to Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks of southern Missouri.  Bass Pro owns a great resort called Big Cedar.  A rustically luxurious (a Midwest term) resort with a spa, restaurants, and the most beautiful log cabins you have ever seen.  The cabins are furnished with custom made furniture and the decor is…cabin chic.  Big Cedar has a very nice spa too.  A body wrap is in order for sure.  A nice, long, warm, body wrap.  Warm being the key word.  Mr. Wii always opts for a massage.

Mr. Wii and I left last Thursday morning to head down that way.  They have snow too.  Sometimes there is just no escaping the snow.  Mr. Wii has the hard job of keeping me retired.  He’s the one who needs to escape, so, I’ll just escape with him.  It’s what we do.  A four day weekend to ourselves.  Of course, we can’t forget the computers, iPhone, cell phone, camera, and Kindle.  I didn’t say we were roughing it!

I packed a picnic basket with some road trip goodies:  Champagne (not while we are driving), cheeses, meats, fruit, crackers, and chocolate.  Fun foods.  Here are a few pictures of Big Cedar and a few sights along the way. My next post will be dedicated to the cabin interior.  Enjoy the pictures of the Midwest.

There are many beautiful farms along the way.  I was hoping for an Amish horse and buggy driver, but never did see any.

The obligatory stop at Smith’s Restaurant.  Mr. Wii and his family have stopped at this restaurant for more years than I can count.  Now, it is in a new building and new location due to the new four lane highway. No more curvy, two lane, carsick inducing highway to the Ozarks.  (Sorry for the horrible tint.  The camera was in my purse and the setting got changed.  Did I look before I shot the pic?  Nooooooo.)
The Ozark mountains and hollows.  They call them “hollers”.
Vultures eating an armadillo on a golf course.  Hey, it’s nature.  Plus, we had to check out the new golf course on top of one of the mountains.  It was the scouting part of the trip.
The Ozarks have that comfortable, going home feeling.  I love the hills with cedar trees galore.  Oak, walnut, and hickory trees have shed their leaves so you can see through the trees in the winter.  In the summer, the sun is bright and you can see the rolling mountains for miles and miles. 
We made it!  It is so beautiful.
You can see Table Rock Lake as we make our decent down to the cove.  We are almost to the cabins.
We are going to cross where the spring flows over the road.
The spring.
A picture of one of the Lodges.  Almost to our cabin in the woods.
The log cabin in the woods.  Interior pictures in the next blog.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely wonderful….thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Kansas City Gravy Company says:

    DDH: Thanks for stopping by. I just knew you would like it. Nella

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