Sandwiches and stuff I like…

I love this bread for sandwiches.  Pepperidge Farm does not know me and I’m pretty sure they don’t care if I tell you all about this yummy bread.  My grand daughters even liked it…no crust.  Bread without the bulk.

                                               Read the label.  It’s really that good.

                     Dontcha wish you had a sandwich just like mine……dontcha?

I think I use turkey as a condiment.  Pretty thin.  I love the fresh mozzarella, the fresh basil, the fresh tomato, and the fresh Hellman’s Mayo.  Is Hellman’s fresh?

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One Response to Sandwiches and stuff I like…

  1. Ingrid says:

    lol, I think so. Everything but the tomatoe! :)

    We actually just bought the Sara Lee version of this bread to try. It was pretty good. I'll check out the PF brand next time.

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