Potato Recipe #1: French Fries

Potatoes are the quintessential vegetable. I think they can be fixed hundreds of different ways. It doesn’t help that I adore them. To me, there is no such thing as a bad potato. Well, maybe one thing……like one that decides to give up its life in my pantry. Once you have a rotten potato, the smell is ingrained in your brain for the rest of your life. When you get a slight whiff, you KNOW there is a bad one somewhere. One has usually rolled back behind the uber sized stainless mixing bowl or has gotten smooshed at the bottom of the bag. Okay, enough of the bad parts.

Remember when Forest Gump and his buddy were saying all the ways one could fix shrimp? Well, I feel much the same way about potatoes. In fact, I am going to challenge myself to providing a potato recipe almost every week just to see how long I can do it. Since we are not playing for a Corvette, I may miss a week once in a while. Why? Because I like to travel with Mr. Wii Knee and hang out with the grand kids once in a while. And sometimes, life just doesn’t care if you want to write a food blog! I do, however, promise to do my best.

French Fries

Russet Potatoes, scrubbed and cut into your favorite french fry shape; sticks, wedges, chips, etc.

Smart Balance Oil

Kosher Salt

Rule #1: Do not leave the kitchen when there is oil cooking on the stove. If you do have to leave the kitchen, just pull the pan off the heat. Why, you ask? The answer, in its entirety, would require another blog post. Let’s just say it is dangerous and a stove fire is a very messy thing to clean up. A house fire is even messier. I can attest to the stove fire, not the house fire.

Using a straight sided skillet, not a saute pan, pour one inch of oil into the pan. Heat the oil on medium high heat to 350-360 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, test the heat with a piece of potato. The potato should bubble like crazy. Do not let the oil smoke, that is too hot and bad things happen when oil is too hot. Both on a molecular level and on a safety level.

When the oil is hot enough, gently place the potatoes into the hot oil. Do not drop! Put just enough potatoes in to make one layer. If you put too many in, the temperature goes down too quickly and the potatoes will get saturated in oil. Not good.

Watch the potatoes like a hawk. When they are golden brown, transfer with a slotted spoon, tongs, a spider, or any other slotted device, onto paper toweling. Shake a bit on the toweling and then sprinkle with kosher salt while still very hot. Ready to eat.
At our house, the first batch is to snack on while I am cooking the rest of the potatoes and for Mr. Wii while he is cutting up the cantaloupe. I have found, if I bribe the food helpers, they stay in the kitchen longer to help.

These were the best french fries. My rule about french fries is, if you truly cannot remember the last time you ate a french fry, it is okay to have some. Works for me. Nella

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