Pairings, or so I thought

I was standing in the lobby, just outside the men’s room, waiting for Mr. Wii.  This sign caught my eye.  Truthfully, the word “pairings” is what caught my eye.  I didn’t have my glasses on and the sign was at that in between distance. So, I walked over to see what wine pairings were going to be offered at the movie theater.

My imagination was running rampant.  Wine at the movie theater.  If they get wine, then that would mean good snacks.  No more nasty smelling popcorn loaded up with yellow colored petroleum products from the Butter Bar.  You know, that stand where you get extra salt, napkins, and can pump liquid butter stuff for the popcorn.  Much like the Ketchup Bar at many of the hamburger places.  Unlimited condiments.  Oh yeah, where was I?  My imagination, yes.  Thinking of yummy, salty snacks to have with a glass of wine while watching the next academy award winning movie.   A good movie and wine.  Sounds quite civilized to me.  It was not to be. I read more.

I got close and read the sign.  Since when does a Sausage, Cheese & Egg Tornado pair with Nesquik Strawberry Milk?????  What the heck is a Sausage, Cheese & Egg Tornado.  I know I live in the Midwest, but seriously, who serves a tornado anything?  My hopes of the civilized movie theater were shattered.

I digress.  I left the movie theater, traumatized by an egg tornado.  Really, who does that?

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