National Ice Cream Day…was yesterday

National Ice Cream Day was yesterday.  In honor of that day I made strawberry ice cream.  I even took pictures and wrote the recipe down as I went.  I also posted it to the Gravy Company facebook page yesterday.  Not good enough.  It didn’t “share” well with others.  I have no idea what went wrong.  I love facebook, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, why do they keep changing stuff? Don’t they know I have food news to share?  There are people starving all over the facebook land just waiting for my food.  Not really, but it could happen.

Give me a good, old fashioned website any old day. We know where we stand.  It is solid.  There are not millions of changes every two months. I just click on the little bookmark in favorites, and like magic, here we are.  If something goes wrong there are folks who can fix it.  Not so on facebook.  I digress.

The daughter and son-in-law gave me a Cuisinart ice cream maker for Christmas.  I love it.  It makes a smallish amount of ice cream in no time at all. The first of the California strawberries were at the grocery store.  Normally, there is snow and/or ice on the ground and the strawberries are the first glimpse of Spring.  Not so this year.  No snow, no ice, and temps in the 50’s and 60’s.  It’s a fluke and we know it.  We are loving it.  I picked up a box of strawberries with ice cream on my mind.

I have discovered I do not care for the ice cream made with eggs. (Personal preference with no data to back me up) I love the ice cream made with cream and half and half.  Here is a recipe I came up with for a great strawberry ice cream. It made enough to fill a Quick Trip cup and one Glad container.  Hey, that’s what my ice cream maker makes every time.  I have it down to a science.

This is the fun food shelf in the freezer.  Homemade ice cream, Margaritas, Cinnamon Swirl bread, and an assortment of ice packs.  Don’t judge.

Strawberry Ice Cream

1 pound carton of fresh strawberries

juice from half of a lemon

1/2 cup granulated sugar

Rinse off the strawberries and slice them up into a medium bowl.  Add 1/2 cup of sugar and the juice from the half of a lemon.  Stir gently to mix together.  Put in the refrigerator to macerate (No more than 2 hours)

2 1/2 cups of half and half

1 cup heavy cream (whipping cream)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

In a large mixing bowl, combine the half and half and the sugar.  Stir with a spatula or wooden spoon until the sugar is dissolved.  Add the heavy cream and the  vanilla and stir until incorporated.

Go to the fridge and get the bowl of strawberries.  Using a large spoon, take out about  half of the strawberries and put them in a small bowl or cup back into the fridge. If you don’t like bits of frozen strawberries in your ice cream, just puree or mash all of the strawberries.  I like them all pureed, myself.

Using a food processor or an immersion blender or a blender, puree the remaining strawberries and all the juice. You can just mash the strawberries with a potato masher or fork if you would rather.  Either way is okay.  Just make sure you use the juice the strawberries make.

Add the strawberry mash/puree to the cream mixture and stir until blended.  Pour into the ice cream machine and make the ice cream per your machine instructions.  About five minutes before the ice cream is done, stop the machine and add the reserved strawberries from the fridge. Turn the machine back on and finish making the ice cream.  It will be like a creamy soft serve.  For firmer ice cream, put into an airtight container and put in the freezer for about 2 hours or more. You will be glad you did this.  Enjoy!


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