My last shameless pitch for a Midwest product this season…made in Kansas City

I feel compelled to tell all of my loyal readers about one more Midwest thing. Only, because it is a great product made by a great company.  It’s made right here in Kansas City. The company is Indigo Wild and they make the Zum soaps and products you find all over the country as well as online. I was in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving and saw Zum at the Whole Foods store.  Oh, my, heavenly, gosh are they ever good products. Patchouli is my Zum Bar of choice at the moment. All of their products are made with lots of good, natural ingredients: goat’s milk, essential oils, organics, and lots of other stuff. They also carry a line of cleaning products. Something for everyone!

I’ve been using their products for over a year and Mr. Wii’s massage therapist also uses Zum. He always comes home, after a massage, smelling of Frankincense and Myrrh. Good stuff made by good people.

They have the best catalog I’ve ever read. Yes, it is good reading. Their humor is off the wall and sometimes a bit irreverent. They take pride in their work, workplace, and community. Take a look at their website for everything you would ever want to know about Indigo Wild and their products.

Go over to their website by clicking on this Indigo Wild link. I think you will be entertained and enlightened. They also have a facebook page, just search Zum Bar.

By the way, Indigo Wild does not know the Kansas City Gravy Company even exists.  They have not compensated me for saying all sorts of good things about their good products.  If they had compensated me, I would have told you.  Why?  Because I have ethics…food ethics, but ethics nonetheless.  Keep the holidays yummy!

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One Response to My last shameless pitch for a Midwest product this season…made in Kansas City

  1. Ingrid says:

    I'm gonna check 'em out Nella! Thanks for the info!

    Btw, Just wanted to wish you and your family a blessed and merriest of Christmas!

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