Love is on the menu today…

After today, I will be a cooking and baking fool.  But for today, it’s the last of the love gifts. I am probably the craziest person I know when it comes to Christmas.  A lot of it I try to keep under wraps.  Did you like that pun?  I will be delivering gifts to one of the two families our neighborhood adopted for Christmas. I have shopped and wrapped for my own family and for my new found family.  I love it.

We needed just a couple more things to round out the lists.  I hopped into the little yellow bug and beat feet down to Target.  I was able to find snow boots and gloves and scarfs.  Some really cute pink slippers jumped into the cart.  I spoke with the mom this morning and they are having two guests at their home for Christmas.  So, I was able to grab a couple things for the grandmother and the great grandmother. Dontcha just love presents? Everything is now perfect, even if just for the moment.

This family is going through a rough spot. Dad had been very sick and was just able to get back to work a few weeks ago. They are trying to catch up. The three kids, who just about tackled me in the driveway when I delivered a Christmas tree earlier in the season, are anxious for Christmas. Too cute! The mom is so appreciative. Every time I spoke to her on the phone, she thanked us.  She loves our little neighborhood too.

I’d like to thank my neighborhood for their love and generous spirit this year. Our neighbors have had deaths, illness, lost jobs, and financial hardships this year.  They still gave.  Life happens and continues to go forward.  We are there for each other.

I will not be able to post much between now and the New Year.  I have lots of cooking and baking to do.  Friends and family to visit.  And, a mess or two in the kitchen to clean up.

Thank you all for being such loyal readers of my blog. May the New Year bring all sorts of yummy things our way.

Merry Christmas from the Kansas City Gravy Company!!!!!     Nella

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