Labor Day…..the A/C took a day off

So, the grands were spending the night last night and it progressively got hotter inside. The A/C decided to take Labor Day weekend off. After all, it has worked for ten and half years with not so much as a hiccup. It was due. But really, on a hot and humid, last hurrah of Summer, weekend? Our basement is finished and is cooler than a Napa wine cellar, so we hung out watching Frozen and slept down there. That’s one of the great things about the Midwest…..basements. Not those old fashioned cellars smelling of dampness and dirt. I think the correct term is “lower level”. I still call it the basement because it is below ground level and it’s where I go if there is ever a tornado warning. But that’s another story for another time.

Today, the kids went home. They were pretty happy to leave, actually. Cans of pop in hand, snacks in tow, they were outta here. This is the first time they had ever experienced no A/C. It is also the first time I did not make them breakfast. I had breakfast catered by…..McDonald’s. They were a little uncomfortable in the hot house. Their mom and dad and both Gravy Guy and I were telling them about “the days before A/C”. I really couldn’t add much to the conversation since I was raised in Las Vegas and our home and schools all had A/C. They were shocked to hear of schools with no A/C. It was an abomination in their eyes!

So, this afternoon, with freshly brewed iced tea poured over crushed ice, the Guy and I enjoyed a lovely breeze and snacks out on the veranda. I tried two new cheeses and am here to report on them.


The first was Beemster brand. An aged, firm and bold cheese from Beemster, Holland. I described it to the Gravy Guy as the old cheddar cousin to Parmgiana Reggiano. A dry and sharp cheddar with just a little crunch from the salt in the cheese. It was noted on the package that it was lactose free and gluten free. Not that a little lactose or gluten is a problem for this girl but I have heard that it does pose a bit of a problem for some. This cheese was made to savor, small bites at a time. We had some whole grain crackers and a few kettle chips with the cheeses. What’s not to like…..salty and crunchy on a very warm and humid day.


The second was Collier’s Welsh Cheddar. Does that make it Wales’ Cheese? Get it? Whale’s Cheese? Sorry, I used that line on the Gravy Guy and he smiled. This cheese was another aged cheddar. A white cheddar with kind of a buttery background with the same salty crunch. Since I was describing new cheeses to the Gravy Guy, I described it as Parmesan’s sweet and buttery cousin from Wales. You can definitely tell that many centuries ago, the Romans had an influence in the making of this aged cheddar. So very good. The two cheeses complemented each other very nicely.

I am going to stay right here, on the veranda, with my feet propped up, watching the hummingbirds share feeding space with the wasps and the little finches. The cats are lying on their backs, catching the breeze across their tummies. I’m so glad I don’t have to wear fur on a day like this!



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  1. elvi says:

    We truly are related..
    Our a.c. stopped on Monday! (Couldn’t remember my other e-mail)

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