Kitchen find….


I think this is way cool.  You know the lid that come on the green grated parmesan cheese container? We call it the powdered parmesan. Well, it fits on a pint mason canning jar. This has been the discovery of the year for me.  No kidding, the entire year. Never mind what that says about my life, just hear me out.

Note: I did not come up with this idea…..just the use. I saw it a long time ago and am not sure where. Maybe it was Pinterest, who knows. I’m all over the internet in any given moment. I just hoped I’d remember it when I had an application. Just being honest.

This little green lid has solved a kitchen dilemma for me. I hate the thought of hands and fingers in the zip lock cheese bags. I’m not a germaphobe, however, I just hate double dipping.  Getting cheese out of the zip bags multiple times is…..double dipping.  Think about it. I know, TMI.

By putting the shredded parm into the pint jar and then putting the green lid on top, I have solved the double dipping of the cheese. And it looks great! I bet it would work on other stuff as well. Let me know if you find other uses for this.



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