Kid Tested, Dad Approved Cranberry Sauce (it’s not just for Thanksgiving)

Here is an easy and great tasting cranberry sauce that most kids like.  If kids like it, then you know a lot of adults (guys) will like it.  Applesauce, Jello…what’s not to like.  You can substitute the Jello with the sugar free version.  You can use unsweetened or no sugar added applesauce.  I think that almost makes it healthy.  Any way you do this is okay. It can even be made the day before.

Kid Tested (Dad Approved) Cranberry Sauce

• 1  14-15 oz. can whole cranberry sauce (about 1 1/2 cups)

• 1  14-15 oz. can applesauce  (about 1 1/2 cups)

• 2  3 oz. boxes cherry Jello

• 1 cup boiling water

In a medium size bowl, empty two boxes of Jello. Pour the one cup of boiling water over and stir until completely dissolved. Let it cool to room temperature and then add the one can of applesauce and one can of the whole cranberry sauce. Stir to incorporate well. Refrigerate until firm.

Makes enough for a crowd, with leftovers.

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2 Responses to Kid Tested, Dad Approved Cranberry Sauce (it’s not just for Thanksgiving)

  1. the OH niece says:

    It's sooooo yummy! I want some now!

  2. Kansas City Gravy Company says:

    We had it the other night with smoked chicken. It is pretty yummy. Thanks for stopping by girlie!

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