Kentucky Derby………Bourbon Cake, anyone?

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. My neighbor down the street is hosting the party. To celebrate, we are having Kentucky Brown open faced sandwiches, a terrific salad, and assorted snacks and libations. Dessert is this cake. My contribution to the soiree.

Normally, I don’t do a “first timer” recipe for friends or family, but this recipe read very similar to other liquor infused cakes I have made. How bad could it be?  Butter, sugar, whiskey.  I did make a slight change. I used an Irish Whiskey rather than the traditional American Bourbon.  I prefer Irish Whiskey and those of you who know me, know “the cook don’t cook what the cook don’t like”. The batter was divine. The glaze was even more divine. The cake was life changing! Yes, I tasted the batter.  I taste EVERYTHING I make during the process. It has saved me so many times.

I found the recipe in Vintage Cakes cookbook and online in a few places. It got rave reviews wherever this recipe showed up. That, right there, is a testament to a good recipe. The directions were straightforward and not complicated. I am not going to repeat the recipe but I will share where it can be found. Just click on the links I provided. So, without further ado…..

20140502-170552.jpg Kentucky Bourbon Cake

The recipe can be found in the cookbook Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson and also at the following blog sites: Hummingbird High, Bake it With Booze (has great photos of every step), Brown Eyed Baker, KCRW Good Food.

Many thanks to all for sharing this terrific recipe. I am so happy I stumbled across it.

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