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This was a quick shot of the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as we walked up the street.  Actually, it is the back side of the building. There is no way I could ever take a photo that would do the building justice. I did want the shot to include the Bartle Hall pylons with the Sky Stations sculptures. There are plenty of pictures of the Kauffman Center on their website. I’ve provided links in this post. You can also read about the architect, Moshe Safdie, the facility, and its history. It is quite breathtaking. And to think, it is really here in Kansas City.

Sunday was the open house grand opening of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.  Honestly, no one knew how many people to expect.  It was reported anywhere from ten to twenty thousand people would attend. Wrong.  We were among the 50,000+ folks who braved the rain to welcome this wonderful addition to Kansas City!

Here is a picture of some of the downtown buildings.  The ceiling was quite low and it gently rained or misted the entire time we were there.  It did not dampen anyone’s spirits in any way. In fact, I never heard a complaint the entire time we were there. I think the brutal Summer we had just experienced made us all very appreciative of a beautiful, misty Fall afternoon.

We never did make it inside.  And yet, we didn’t feel the least bit slighted.  I don’t think any of the people who chose not stand in the two hour line felt slighted.  It was great just being around so many people who really cared about the performing arts in Kansas City. We just did what anyone would do…we ate good food, listened to good music, and did some serious people watching.

We got there in time to hear Trampled Under Foot playing their hearts out to the thousands of people waiting to get in and those of us just taking it all in.  There were food trucks lining each side of the blocked off street offering a variety of local foods.  Very festive.  I opted for the tamales from Los Tules.  I was not disappointed.

3 Girls Cupcakes

Indios Carbonsitos

Deco Street Eats


Magical Meatball Tour with their own barker. You gotta love it.

Coffee Cake KC and Ms. Nene’s Cupcakes

Scimeca’s Italian Sausages and Limeades

Los Tules and Jerusalem Cafe were there also.  My pictures didn’t turn out so well so I was glad I got this street shot with both trucks.  You just have to look for them…..they really are there!

It was indicated, by the number of people who showed up for this event, that Kansas City is very proud of the Kauffman Center.

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