January, the non-cooking month for foodies

January.  The new year.  This is the time of the year where I have to drum up all the inspiration that exists in the the universe just to make toast.  I am an uninspired cook for the time being.

I jumped around the Internet looking, lurking, and generally trying to spy on food bloggers for inspiration.  They must be doing the same thing.  Nobody has anything.  There are reruns from previous episodes, there are pictures of holiday gifts, and one line statements basically saying  “closed for the season”.

Are we starving at the Company?  No, we have had leftovers, soup, and we had a frozen pizza last night for dinner.  Not just any frozen pizza…a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza.  Mister and I have been test driving frozen pizzas.  I know, we need a life.  Who really does that?  We do. In January…or we really would starve!

Mister was saying how not so good the delivery pizzas are.  I had to agree.  We have tried them all and we don’t care for any of them. It’s okay when the grandkids are over and the major consensus wants delivery pizza.  We eat it.  I’m just saying, we would rather eat another kind of pizza.  Who wants to go out when it’s so cold it hurts?  With a bunch of starving kids?  With car seats?  Not me. Delivery it is.  I always order one veggie along with the super duper, meat chewers, ultra meaty pizza loaded down with a side of beef products and a good part of a pig or two. The crust seems to be where the pizza starts to go south.  That goes for the frozen variety as well.  It’s pretty hard to mess up a pepperoni or an onion.  Crust is where a pizza happens.

So, we began to try the frozen pizza route.  We know what the 99 centers taste like.  We keep them in the freezer for the grandsons.  They L-O-V-E them. We decided to try the most expensive frozen pizzas we could buy.  We tried about four different brands and a couple of flavors in each brand. It took a while.  The two of us cannot eat frozen pizza every night like we could when we were teenagers.  We’re funny like that.  As it turned out, even the most expensive pizza is only half the price of a delivery pizza.  We tried thick crust, thin crust, crusts that rise, and crust made from flat bread.  Thin crust is the big winner.  We tried a few crust versions of each brand.  I am the veggie lover and Mister is the meat lover.
And the winner is…….

California Pizza Kitchen is the winner! Click on the link for more information than you could ever want from a frozen pizza.  They even have wine pairing suggestions.  Personally, a nice cold beer goes pretty darn good with pizza.

Keep in mind, it is still a frozen pizza. But it is a fine frozen pizza!  Not nearly as good as that freshly made, Neapolitan style pizza we eat on a regular basis at Spin!.  However, it actually tasted very good and I didn’t feel like I was giving in to empty calories.  The crust was very good and didn’t have that odd flavor I’ve always tasted in a frozen pizza.  In fact, the grandson was over and cooked the Sicilian Recipe flavor and loved it.  When he asked what kind it was, I showed him the box.  He said “Hey, that’s the expensive pizza!”  I told him it was half the price of the “best” delivery pizza.  He just stood there and looked at me, then continued eating.  I was able to get a piece and try it.  Pretty yummy. So there you go, Gravy Company tested and grandson approved. 

Bring on January, bring on the winter storms and sub-freezing temps. We will be having a frozen pizza during the month along with lots of trips to our favorite restaurants.  Tis the season!

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