Hot town, summer in the city….

Summer is here, in the Midwest.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen….so I did…literally.  Pretty hard to write a food blog during our hot spell. Well, the writing is continuing, but the cooking and baking has pretty much come to a screeching halt. Thank goodness for locally grown fresh produce, soft serve ice cream, microwave bacon, and local mom and pop restaurants.

Yesterday, I went wedding dress shopping with my niece.  A perfectly acceptable thing to do during a heat wave. We had two appointments with time to kill between the two.  We did what typical women do with spare time: eat lunch and shop. Our favorite local pizza place was the vote for lunch and then on to a home store which sucked up the last of the dollars in my wallet.

This is kind of like a Public Service Announcement and an Infommercial all rolled into one blog.  I purchased three Cuisinart non-stick pans. I couldn’t decide on a color, so I got three different colors. Why three?  Because all three of mine had scratches on them.  I try to use plastic or wood utensils on the pans (except for when I grab a nearby fork or spoon to give the pan a stir or a taste), but they always seem to get a scratch.  That, in turn, starts the wearing down process.  From everything I have read, that is not a good thing. Another reason to buy new pans.  Hooray!!!

                                           Before: not so safe and ugly

                                           After: safe and beautiful

Recently, I had another kitchen mishap which required the replacement of kitchen items. I always want my readers to know that I am not perfect and stuff happens in the kitchen.  Messy stuff.  Broken stuff. Remember the pan I blew up in the oven while putting a crust on my pork butt?  Or, what about that bottle of red wine that flew off the counter onto the tile and grout floor?  This mishap was quite a mess as well.  I was getting the GLASS sugar canister out of the cupboard and it jumped out of my hands and belly flopped onto the tile floor.  (And neighbors wonder why I’m pretty much the only person in the neighborhood who does not have hardwoods in the kitchen) That event required me to rethink the glass canister choice.  I saw these canisters made by OGGI at the home store. I now have great looking, unbreakable stainless ones. 

                                           Before: breakable, messy, not so safe 

                                    After: beautiful, not so breakable, beautiful   

Frank Lloyd Wright said we should surround ourselves with functional things that are beautiful.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks Frank!

See what the heat has done?  It has reduced my blog to ramblings of architects, pizza, messes in a kitchen, safety, wedding dresses, and weather. Stay cool.  Nella

Disclaimer:  The folks over at Cuisinart and Oggi have never been in my kitchen.  They do not know me nor do they pay me to buy their stuff.  They have never cleaned up a kitchen mishap in my kitchen. I wish they would.

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