Got Tomatoes?

I live for fresh tomatoes in the Summer. I usually plant them along the side of my house and pray for rain, no worms, and plenty of sunshine. This Spring, not much was planted around the yard. I was pretty busy with family matters and it turned out to be a very cold Spring anyway. The cold weather lasted well until the calendar said it was Summer. Not so good for starting veggies. There is always next year.

The next best thing to growing my own is the farmer’s market. Our little town has a farmer’s market every Tuesday. The last couple of weeks have been peak time for tomatoes. Since it’s just Mr. Gravy and me, here at the Gravy Company, we sometimes are not able to eat all of the tomatoes from the previous week. I have a quick method to freeze those soon to be overripe, leftover, fresh tomatoes, for future use in sauces and soups later on this Fall.

First, I peel the tomatoes. Since they are not hot house tomatoes they will peel quite easily with a very sharp paring knife.

1tomato Then, I chunk them up and put them on a baking sheet…pop them into the freezer…and after a shower, one load of laundry, two phone calls, and a word or two on Words With Friends, the tomatoes are frozen.  Actually, they will freeze in less than an hour.


After the tomatoes are frozen, I put them in zip bags. But first, write the contents and the date on the bag with a Sharpie. I have forgotten this very important step and pulled a bag out of the freezer thinking I had tomatoes when it turned out to be red bell peppers. Not the same.  You will thank me later for this fine hint. Since I don’t have anyone in the house who will take my Sharpie and draw weather maps on the television, color all over a sibling’s body, or decorate the walls, I am allowed to keep the Sharpie in the drawer along side the zip bags. I don’t think I even purchased a Sharpie until the last kid was out of the house.

Now, you can put the frozen tomatoes in the bag and pop them into the freezer. I had two tomatoes left over this week and they fit perfectly in the one quart size bag. Since it is Tuesday, I am off to the farmer’s market for fresh tomatoes and anything else that looks good. Buy local!

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