Fall = Acorn Squash

Well, I’m back from vacation.  When we got home, any leaves that were left on the trees had finally turned into the Fall colors. The weather had turned colder and the wind  has been non-stop.  Needless to say, the sun and sand and food and drink were wonderful in Puerto Vallarta.  We met lots of people from the Northwest who were escaping rain and snow.  I was glad I got a chance to tout the Midwest.  In my travels, I have met many people who have not yet experienced the middle of our country.  We traded some barbecue tricks and tips and marvelled at the fine weather we were all enjoying.

Now that I am back home, I need to get busy with this food blog.  I’ve had a bit of a lull.  I had to get over a little touch of traveler’s tummy.  No appetite and the only food I wanted for a week was ramen noodles. (It worked for me)

In the midst of preparing the squash, I bumped an unopened bottle of red wine with my tripod.  I had to stop the cooking and shooting and turn all of my attention to the big mess.  Two hours later, the glass was cleaned up, the wine was cleaned up, and the grout was back to its normal color of light gray.  The moment I saw the mess I wasn’t sure if I might cry or laugh.  Either would have tears.  Since the camera was already in my hands I took pictures of the mess.  Then, I laughed.  I finished up the squash the next day. 

Now that Fall is here, Acorn Squash is on the menu.  It is a quick side dish and I love it.  Back in the day, before microwaves, it had to be baked in the oven for at least an hour. I think microwave ovens should be on the top ten list of the best inventions of the twentieth century!

All you do is cut the squash in half lengthwise.  Kind of like stem to stern.  Use a large chef’s knife.  If the squash is too hard, just microwave it about 3-4 minutes to get it a little soft, it should be easier that way.

Clean out the center by removing the stringy stuff and the seeds with the edge of a large spoon.  Make sure you get that stringy stuff, it’s a texture thing.

In the cavity place a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar and top that with a pat of butter.  I would guess a little less than a tablespoon of the butter.  If you do not want the butter, a teaspoon of water can be added instead. 

Place the halves in a shallow microwave safe baking dish.  Cover and seal well with plastic wrap.  Microwave for 7-8 minutes on high.  If your microwave does not have a turntable, give the squash a turn around half way through the cooking time.  The flesh of the squash should be very soft when done.

Take care when removing the plastic wrap by allowing some of the steam to escape.  It will be very hot.  Let the squash sit for a few minutes before serving, otherwise it will be way too hot to eat. 
Happy Fall!

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2 Responses to Fall = Acorn Squash

  1. Ingrid says:

    Bummer about the wine and having to clean up the mess. I hate when that happens.

    The squash looks terrific. I've been meaning to try it for a coupla years now. This is the year! :)

  2. muddywaters says:

    Acorn squash is a fall favorite in our house. Two weeks ago I made a savory butternut squash gratin that was yummy.

    I'm glad you're back.

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