Columbia Crest, Two Vines Chardonnay, 2006: A Wine Review

I was amazed at this Washington state Chardonnay because it is priced at less than ten dollars.  Wine does not have to be expensive to be good.  That being said, not all under ten dollar wines are this good.  Here is a Chardonnay for everyone.  It falls in the middle of every taste a Chardonnay should have.  A little oak, a bit of fruity pears, and just a touch of butter in the finish.  It was also just a tad sweet.  This is not what I would call a big Chardonnay.  It is very light and tasty.  It would be a great wine to sip alone and stands up well to light suppers.  Serve with appetizers and snacks at your next party. I really liked it. 

This is also one of those wines a beginning wine drinker may like.  As for cooking, I would not use this wine in a savory dish, however, poached pears would be divine…with a little caramel sauce. I’m thinking that would be totally yummy.  I should dig up my recipe for poached pears some time. 

Did you notice my leopard Snuggie on the back of my chair?  I love that thing.  My oldest grandson gave it to me for Christmas.  Oh yeah, I had better add the obligatory disclaimers.  Snuggie did not pay me to say this, I just love Snuggies.  Columbia Crest did not pay me to say how good their wine is.  I just happened to come across a good wine and had to tell someone…anyone.

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