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Couscous Salad

We went to a little neighborhood shrimp feed last month.  Each of us brought a side dish or a dessert and a pound of shrimp.  The Shrimp Guys boiled it up in different spice mixtures along with potatoes and corn … Continue reading

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Caesar Dressing…….hold the anchovies!

A fellow foodie, and a business colleague of the Mister, sent me this recipe to try.  And so I did. Some people just do not do anchovies.  I understand completely. I don’t do goat cheese.  I try it all the … Continue reading

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Salad Dressings–Red French Dressing

Salad fixings are at all the local produce markets and grocery stores.  Tender lettuces, green onions, berries, and some herbs.  As the season progresses, variety and more color is added with peppers, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, celery, and who knows … Continue reading

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