Burning Man in the desert and Waterfire in Kansas City

Burning Man 2010 is over.  I, again, lived vicariously through a friend, through You Tube videos, and other bloggers who shared their adventure.  My hope is to get to a Burning Man before I am drawing Social Security.  It will happen.  Burning Man is a huge art event held in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in northwest Nevada.  I’m not talking the likes of a Plaza Art Fair.  I’m talking about an event like no other.  It has evolved from a small art burn on the beach in 1986 to a week long event of sculpture, music, fire dancers, dancing, bike riding, and more other stuff that I can’t even begin to describe, attended by 50,000 people. Go to this link for more information.  It’s huge.

This coming weekend there will be another fire type art event at the Plaza in Kansas City.  It will be the third year of Waterfire.  Floating bonfires, designed by the artist Barnaby Evans, are lit on Brush Creek.  There is music and fire dancing.  Crowds of people come out to enjoy the first taste of Fall.  It is a great way to spend the evening with friends and family.

Yes, it only lasts for a few hours, there are no dust storms, food and drinks are for sale, and the only people on bicycles are policemen.  But it’s the closest thing I can imagine to a fiery art event in my area and it will just have to do for now.  And, it’s pretty!

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