Big Cedar, Part 2, The Cabin Decor

The first thing I did, before we unpacked and cluttered up the place, was to take pictures of the interior decor.  I loved it.  A real one room log cabin. The bathroom was enclosed with walls that did not go up to the ceiling.  That kept it open with just a bit of privacy.  Every detail was well thought out and most everything was specially made for Big Cedar.  Many items are one of a kind…including the taxidermy.  Yes, taxidermy.  There were stuffed, dead animals and animal skins all over the place.  Actually, it really was beautiful.  Not creepy at all.  It was noted that all of the taxidermy and skins were donated to Big Cedar.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Not only was there a skin over the bed, but the antlers just set it off.  Don’t you think?  Yes, the bed did have two dips and a hill in the middle.  It was the only thing I really didn’t like.  However, the sheets and duvet were divine!

A very nicely equipped kitchen.  Again, skins over the sink. The chair was a one of a kind piece.  A nice touch.

The rock fireplace came with kindling, matches, and fire wood.  There was a stack of fire wood right outside the front door.  We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with a cozy fire in the fireplace.  Stained glass at the top of the fireplace and more stained glass in the cabin.

There was so much to look at.  Deer head trophy, fishing poles, racoon, squirrel, fox, stained glass, chinked log walls, rocks, old photographs, iron work, wood work, art, and sculpture.  I wish my photographs could really do justice to how beautiful it was.  You will just have to go to Big Cedar and see for yourself!

I really did try to not be in the picture.  Off to the right was the shower.  I called it the human car wash.  It was big and very nice.  Also, there was a small water closet.  A jetted tub completed the room.  Did the old settlers have jetted tubs and water closets in their log cabins.  I think not.  It’s good to be in the twenty first century.

And now, the details.  I love the details.  They are “room garnish”.  I had to throw in a food term.  Sorry.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Winter was beautiful in the Ozarks.  If you can believe it, Summer is even more beautiful.  Thanks for letting me share one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest.  N

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  1. Julie says:

    Looks like a beautiful place!

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