Bedtime Snack at Nanna and Poppy’s House

It’s not really a recipe, but it sure is good. Mr. Wii (Poppy) has this almost every night. He calls it a Chocolate Float. He says it is the best with Breyer’s. I am not going to argue this one. I have bought other ice cream brands and he says it’s not the same. I believe him.
You take the Breyer’s vanilla ice cream and put small chunks in a tall glass. Then, you pour the chocolate milk over it. There you go. It’s not a recipe, it’s a taste thrill.

For the little girls, he chops up the ice cream and then pours the chocolate milk over it. Kind of like ice cream cereal. Or not.

Oh yeah, baby! I think we have a winner here. She likes it!

Good to the last drop. It really is that good. Enjoy.
Note: Mr. Wii took all the pictures with his iPhone.
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