Another Foodie Gift Idea from the Midwest

So, you’re in a quandary (I love that word) and don’t know what to give a fellow foodie for a gift.  Barbecue anyone? In the middle of winter, anything from Jack Stack Barbecue would be appreciated.

Jack’s is a locally famous restaurant in the Kansas City Area.  It is also one of my favorite barbecue places. We always take our out of town guests to Jack’s.  They make the most delectable lamb ribs in the world.  Yes, in the world.  Of course their brisket, ribs, turkey, and sausages are good.  Their side dishes are outstanding.  But, let me tell you…if you are a lamb fan, you will not believe what a good Kansas City smoking barbecue can do to a lamb rib. 

I have used their mail order for sending both pork and lamb ribs across the country.  They were received in great condition and they were so totally good.  They were every bit as good as sitting in the restaurant and having them served.  A lot of times, food items ordered through mail order are not as good as what you get in the actual restaurant.  Not the case here. It’s the real deal.

Share some barbecue love from Kansas City!  Here is the info:

Phone:  800.301.0068      Website Link:  Jack Stack Barbecue     
                facebook:  search Jack Stack

Have a delicious Holiday Season!

Disclaimer….again: I was not paid to say yummy things about Jack and his famous barbecue.  I have eaten dinner at Jack’s restaurant, however, he has not eaten at the Gravy Company.  If I would ever get compensated for saying nice things or giving away prizes, you all would be the first to know.  EAT MORE BARBECUE….it’s like gravy with really good spices.

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  1. Kansas City Gravy Company says:

    A big thanks to Steve over at Jack's. He is the one who did the great logo/picture on today's blog. N

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