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2013 June1 009

Okay, here is the review I promised you. Remember?  When my camera quit working? When I didn’t have a photograph of the wine? Any way, the camera still does not work but I was able to pull the card out and retrieve the pics off the card onto my hard drive. I love technology….when it works.  So, without further ado, the review on the Kendall-Jackson Summation White wine.

I was wandering around the wine section in search of something “new and different” in a white wine section and I found this wine.  Mother’s Day was fast approaching and I would soon have a house full of family members.  Many of us like  a good glass of white wine.  I’m included in that bunch. I like both red and white wines but love a good white wine just for sipping.  Like a cocktail of sorts.

I love trying a new wines.  I love that very first taste and the surprise that goes with. This wine tasted like a warm summer day, on the veranda, with a bowl of fruit salad, made with the melons and the fruits that only appear in Summer at the local farmer’s market.  My second sip had me guessing at the combination of grapes. I could taste some Sauvignon Blanc at the beginning and the Chardonnay in the finish.  I knew there were other grapes, but could not say what they were. I’m not that good!

I looked up the wine online at the Kendall-Jackson site and found out Summation White had Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Voignier, Pinot Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, and other grapes.  Their description of the wine was spot on. This would be my summertime go to wine.  It ran for about $11, on sale, at my local store. It is under $15 at the regular price. Serve this wine chilled…and get two more bottles than you think you will need! You and your guests will really like it.

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