All about the guest cooks…..

I haven’t been cooking nor will I be cooking for a while.  I wish I could say I had been doing something athletic and fun when I hurt my knee.  Like hiking out of Machu Picchu or running a marathon to raise money for the Japanese earthquake, but I can’t.  I was getting in, or out, of my seat on the plane and twisted my knee.  I had arthroscopic surgery on the offending knee this week and am recuperating under the watchful eyes of my family and friends.  They have come to the rescue with love.

Love = Food

I have had the yummiest comfort foods since I have been healing up. Meat loaf, pot roast, chicken and noodles, carrots and potatoes, green beans, cheese cake, peach cobbler, lime sherbet, and more on the way.
I’ve had the “guest chefs” showing up with food to feed me and the Mister.  Why is it food always tastes better when somebody else makes it??  Life is pretty darn good!

As soon as the crutches are gone, I will be back in the kitchen.  In the mean time, I’ll be catching up on reading food magazines, visiting food blogs across the web, and thinking about what to make next.

I’ll try to get creative and provide some interesting reading while I’m not in the kitchen.  Thanks for sticking with me…….like gravy on mashed potatoes!

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