About the Gravy Company

Everything really is up to date in Kansas City.  I moved to the Kansas City area quite some time ago from the west coast.  I love it here.  The American Midwest is a combination of many cultures.  The hearty immigrants, who settled in the center of our country, brought their cultures of life, music, religion, art, values, history, and foods.  Over time, many things have melded into some of the rich cultures we experience today:  rural and city life, jazz and blues music, art, education, entertainment and festivals, barbecue, sports, and the best……the foods!

I want to share the foods, places, and stories of the Midwest.  I will even throw in a wine review once in a while and tell about my travels.  I’d love to hear from you, my readers.  Hopefully, we will all learn something new once in a while.  Thanks for stopping by.

Everything is better with gravy!

Gravy Girl

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One Response to About the Gravy Company

  1. SHARON PARYS says:

    Love your website-and will be a follower-boy what a pantry list you have-nice to know we have a real gourmet chef in the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.

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