A Wine Review: Toad Hollow, Eye of the Toad

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing lots of things but not much real cooking and baking. Oh, I’ve cooked meals and baked a little. However, none of it has been blog worthy. My creativity has been consumed by painting. It’s been a cold winter with a few days that teased us into thinking Spring was around the corner. I have been painting my way through the post holiday winter. I’ve painted three tables and a foot stool. A table for my bathroom, a heart shaped table painted with whimsical flowers and shapes for the grand daughters, a shelved table painted in geometrics for Mr. Wii and the man cave, and a little foot stool for the bathroom painted in the most fun colors in the world.

Tonight is a Friday night. We are such homebodies on Friday night. Mr. Wii has worked hard all week and I, well, I have played with grand daughters and painted all week. I made an easy chicken quesadilla for dinner. (I wanted to say dang quesadilla) Mr. Wii went to the wine garage, where we store our wines, to pick out a nice wine to go with the quesadillas. He came in with Toad Hollow Eye of the Toad, a 2007 Sonoma County Dry Pinot Noir Rosè. It was corked with a fun, yellow plastic cork. You all know my feeling about plastic corks…….I don’t care! They work for me.

I’ve been on a Rosè kick lately. The thought of another red wine, so full bodied it makes me feel skinny, is just enough encouragement to try something new. I’m tired of tannins, over the oak, sick of the smoke. The only berries I want to taste had better have whipped cream on them. I think you get the picture.

This Rosè was outstanding. A $10 bottle of wine that was $30 good. At first sip, while cooking the quesadillas on the grill, I wanted to eat something spicy with it. Even Mr. Wii was pleasantly surprised. He got rid of his beer and replaced it with the Rosè. He is very picky about his wine. He pretty much sticks to his favorite Pinot Gris and that’s about it. He will have a red if we are out with friends having a special occasion meal, but it’s not his first choice. He really liked this one, as did I.

The wine stood up to the spicy quesadilla. It had a burst of fruitiness that tasted even better with a bite of quesadilla. Definitely not a stand alone Rosè. This Rosè could be the perfect side dish to spicy sausages, peppery arugula, or green chiles and tomatillos. No sugary taste to hang around and cause a conflict. Just a pure, fruity, bold wine that could have been a red in another life. It turned out to be a beautiful, dark pink, pure Rosè.

On a fun note, Mr. Wii and I had a Dove milk chocolate after dinner. Then, we each finished off the last couple of sips out of our glasses. We both looked at each other and grinned. After letting the milk chocolate melt in the mouth, we took a sip of wine. A burst of cherry hit us both at the same time, thus producing our smiles. We then finished the last of the wine….that same burst of cherry hit again. It was great! The finish tasted like a chocolate covered cherry. I think we would have kept eating chocolates and sipping wine if we had had more wine. But we didn’t. We had discovered a Rosè that could stand up to chocolate. Who knew?

For information about the winery go to the Toad Hollow website. The site gives a bit of history about the winery and descriptions about its different wines. Give this wine a try. You won’t be disappointed.
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