A Wine Review: Alice White 2007 Red Lexia

I picked up this bottle of wine on a whim. It was under ten dollars and it looked like a great summer veranda wine. Sometimes I find a great wine doing this. Sometimes I find a great wine for somebody else. This wine is definitely for somebody else. Surprisingly sweet. It was my own fault…I didn’t read the label. However, that being said, somebody may just love this wine! I will do my best to describe it.

Rule #1

Read the label. The label tells it all. It will tell you what kind of grape or what varieties of grapes were used. It will give you an idea of the flavors. It will tell you where the wine was made.

If I had read the label in its entirety, I would have seen the word Muscat. To all my loyal readers who are relatively new to wines, a Muscat grape means a sweet wine. Enough said.

This was not a bad wine, don’t get me wrong. It was just not what I was expecting. It was one of those “Whoa! That sure is sweet!” when expecting a fruity, dry (not sweet) wine. My bad. I decided right then and there that this was going be an unbiased wine review. Here goes.

This beautifully bright Australian wine would be great if you were making a wine cooler, a champagne cocktail, a wine punch, or even a hot mulled wine. It would have been just fine on its own if it were chilled to the max and you were a beginner red wine drinker. The label mentioned something about a dessert of almond cookies. I think this would make a terrific dessert wine. However, I can’t say that I have ever had almond cookies for dessert. Chocolate anything, pie, cakes, fruit, and puddings, but never almond cookies.

Served cold, this wine has the flavor of a cherry Jolly Rancher candy. Served at room temperature, the finish has a musky, fruity flavor. If you enjoy a sweeter tasting wine, you will love, love, love this one. There is a place for a crisp, sweet wine. (Just not with Mr. Wii and I when serving barbecue beef sandwiches and baked beans.)
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