A Wine Review: 7 Daughters

7 Daughters Winemaker’s Blend White Wine is a great wine for beginners. It is a blend of white grapes and not too dry and yet not too sweet to drink with a meal of shrimp and pasta. Which is exactly what we had. A pink plastic “cork” required a corkscrew on this wine. I will make an editorial comment at this point. Plastic corks are part of the future of wines. The wines they are typically used on are young wines. Wines to be opened now, not aged for years. Thus, saving the real corks for the aging wines. That’s the way it should be. There is no taste of the plastic in the wines which is contrary to what some folks have been saying. I have heard this argument from many people. I say, get over yourselves! Drink more wine.

I have met a handful of people lately, who are just now learning about wines. I think they need to experience wines which are not too dry. Their palates can ease into the dry wines. This wine is fruity and fresh. A hint of spice and melon. So fruity you can actually smell and taste a few of the different grapes. The Muscat really pops. I think this is also what I call a “stand alone” wine. A wine just for sipping out on the veranda. A wine that really does not require food. However, it is quite good with a lighter meal or with snacks. This wine is in the ten dollar range and a nice choice to take as a gift. If you try this wine, let me know how you liked it.

Here is the website for the winery: 7 Daughters Winery

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