A Sunday Supper

Sundays are pretty lazy around here.  Seasonally lazy.  In the Fall and Winter, we watch football and usually have soup for Sunday Supper.  In the Summer, when it is nuclear blasting hot, we have very simple and cool meals like salads for Sunday Supper.  Now that Spring is here and it’s been very warm, we are craving the freshness of Summer foods. They are just around the corner, I can taste it.

We have our favorite foods that we like to have on a regular basis.  This would include tomatoes, Calamata olives, locally made Italian sausage, Parmigiana Reggiano, good bread.  Those are the staples of life at this house! Seriously, I once hauled fresh parm back from Italy with me.  I carried it in my carry on bag, not my checked bag.  I didn’t want it to get lost.  I have priorities! Avocados would be on the list, but consistently good avocados are just not in the cards when you live in the center of the country. (I end up buying Wholly Guacamole when the avocados look “iffy”)

I thought I would share a very simple supper we had the other evening.  Pan fried Italian sausage topped with bits of provolone.  Little toasted garlic breads with a bruschetta topping of tomatoes, onion, and grated parm. Calamata olives.  Rosa wine. Out on the veranda with my honey.  Good and simple…..simply good.

The wine we had was very good.  If you enjoy an Argentinian Malbec, then you will love its cousin, Rosa.  This was from the Belasco de Baquedano winery.  Very light tasting with lots of cherry and berry flavors. I served it chilled. You can tell it is a Malbec, however, it is not as heavy.  Perfect for an evening on the veranda.

Here’s to many more Sunday suppers on the veranda!

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