A little life break….

Please feel free to roam around the site while I take a bit of a break. I have family things that are taking more time than expected. I shall return when things get back to normal.  Thanks!

May 29, 2013 Update: My husband and I care for his parents. It has reached that time in life where we all need extra help. Both parents have been hospitalized, at two different times, in the last three months. Those health issues have caused us to make some lifestyle changes for them rather quickly. They are now in an assisted living facility located just ten minutes from our house. They have 24 hour nurses, housecleaning services, gourmet meals, and laundry. Their apartment is darling, they have lots of activities, and they can come and go as they please. It has allowed us to be freer to spend more fun time with them.  That being said, this move is not without a lot of effort and a bit of pain, for all parties. We are in the process of clearing out a house full of memories and trying to condense it into a one bedroom apartment. We also have grandchildren to spoil and a household to keep up and running.  It is not done overnight, as you can well imagine. As Mr. Gravy said, “We must approach this like eating an elephant…..one bite at a time.”

I just wanted you all to know a little of what has been going on. I will return to cooking and blogging as soon as I possibly can. I miss writing and cooking and the community.  Gravy Girl

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