Kentucky Derby………Bourbon Cake, anyone?

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. My neighbor down the street is hosting the party. To celebrate, we are having Kentucky Brown open faced sandwiches, a terrific salad, and assorted snacks and libations. Dessert is this cake. My contribution to the soiree.

Normally, I don’t do a “first timer” recipe for friends or family, but this recipe read very similar to other liquor infused cakes I have made. How bad could it be?  Butter, sugar, whiskey.  I did make a slight change. I used an Irish Whiskey rather than the traditional American Bourbon.  I prefer Irish Whiskey and those of you who know me, know “the cook don’t cook what the cook don’t like”. The batter was divine. The glaze was even more divine. The cake was life changing! Yes, I tasted the batter.  I taste EVERYTHING I make during the process. It has saved me so many times.

I found the recipe in Vintage Cakes cookbook and online in a few places. It got rave reviews wherever this recipe showed up. That, right there, is a testament to a good recipe. The directions were straightforward and not complicated. I am not going to repeat the recipe but I will share where it can be found. Just click on the links I provided. So, without further ado…..

20140502-170552.jpg Kentucky Bourbon Cake

The recipe can be found in the cookbook Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson and also at the following blog sites: Hummingbird High, Bake it With Booze (has great photos of every step), Brown Eyed Baker, KCRW Good Food.

Many thanks to all for sharing this terrific recipe. I am so happy I stumbled across it.

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Spring Break Field Trip to Moon Marble


I went on a field trip with three of my favorite girls. The daughter and the two granddaughters. When the four of us are together we always have a great time no matter what we are doing or where we are going.

We went to Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  Who knew such a great place existed in our little part of the Midwest? It is a little nondescript building sitting right next to the railroad tracks. There was a good rumble every time a train went by. The pictures I took cannot begin to do them justice. Check out their website or, better yet, give them a visit.


We watched a demonstration by one of the resident glass artists, Ernie. I always wondered how the perfectly round spheres of colored glass were formed. He was making a multicolored “marble”.  Not a marble to play with, but a marble to use as a paper weight or as a piece of art to display on a table, shelf, or maybe on your desk.

Beautiful eye candy. There were glass cases displaying his and the other artist’s work in the store. No two pieces were alike. By the way, they have tons of marbles to play with. They all have great names, like Mummy, Blueberry, Mars, and Snake. A wall of marble bins, each with a name. The girls got the plastic jar which they filled up with a plethora of colored marbles. I think it was about $6 for the jar and marbles. They had $20 worth of fun just picking out the marbles!

The rest of the store was filled to the rafters (literally) with toys. Toys and games and puzzles and erasers and cars and ant farms and spiro graphs and many of the toys a generation or two ago grew up with. There were gag gifts and funny things. The list is endless because I am sure I missed a few hundred things! I am going there to do Christmas shopping this year.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy the next few thousand words of amazement and fun.

















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Irish Coffee….


I love Irish Coffee.  Especially in the winter when it is colder than Alaska. In honor of St. Paddy’s day, I am going to share a few of my favorite recipes for this yummy drink.

I have made the recipes for all of you who have never made Irish Coffee before and need some specific measurements. The rest of you can eyeball it, like I do, and still have a great coffee drink. There are lots of substitutions and ideas you can incorporate in this drink. So, make a pot o’ coffee and enjoy!

An Irish toast:

May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and heaven accept you!

Irish Coffee

1 cup of strong, black coffee

1 sugar cube

1 shot of Irish whiskey

Whipped cream

Place a sugar cube in a coffee cup.  Add 1 shot of Irish whiskey then pour freshly brewed coffee into the cup. Stir and put a dollop of whipped cream on top. How easy was that!

Gravy Girl Irish Coffee

1 cup of strong, black coffee (I prefer an Italian Roast)

1 heaping teaspoon of brown sugar

1 shot of Irish whiskey (I prefer Jameson or Bushmills)

Top with a dollop of whipped cream (I prefer squirt whipped cream from the dairy case, it makes a great swirl on the coffee)

Irish Twins Irish Coffee

1 cup of strong, black coffee

1 sugar cube

1 shot of Irish Cream Liquor

1 shot of Irish Whiskey

Top with a dollop of whipped cream

A Lazy Irish Coffee

Just add a shot of Irish whiskey to a cup of coffee. No fancy stuff, just whiskey and coffee.

 Irish Virgin Coffee

1 cup of strong, black coffee

1 sugar cube

Top with a dollop of whipped cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Notes and Ideas: 

I like to garnish the coffee with a sprinkling of sifted cocoa, vanilla sugar, cinnamon sugar, or cinnamon on top of the whipped cream.

You can use any kind of whiskey or bourbon, but I think Irish whiskey is the best to use.

If you do not care for whiskey use just the Irish Cream Liquor.

During the holidays I make Holiday Coffee.  All it is is just coffee with squirt whipped cream swirled on top and then sprinkled with any of the garnishes mentioned. Ooh-la-la, the grandmothers love it!


 If you are lucky enough to be Irish…you are lucky enough!


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